Artist Statement:

"Creativity take courage" - Henri Matisse


I paint abstract pantings primarily with acrylic on large gallery wrapped canvases. Also recently framed pieces with bright Japanese watercolors (from Paris).


I am inspired by the vivid colors and textures I see in California landscapes. Ocean, surf, sky, trees, and mountains. I love skiing, surfing, and traveling the world. I mix those experiences and nature colors with the motion and metallic tones of city scape. The edginess mixed with the soft and subtle. The binary of feminine and masculine. Some of the textures found in my paintings have been built over the last twenty years by slowly layering over my older paintings that were originally in different styles, which resulted in a meditative practice of self discovery. Layers of memories, experiences, and passion.


I grew up in a family of artists from France, Germany, and London. Their influence runs deep. When I was a child, I I saw my dad (a culinary French chef and restaurant owner) slowly go blind. I was told I had inherited the same degenerative eye disease. I grew up expecting to loose my eye sight. After extensive testing as a young adult, I was relieved to learn I had been misdiagnosed and had zero vision loss. That entire experience lead me to a life time of deep appreciation of every moment of sight, visual inspiration, and interpretation. 

I am also inspired by independent music and dance (primarily ballet, contemporary, and hip hop). My husband and two young boys (also artists in the making) are the loves of my life and influence the passion and fire behind my artwork.

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”- Auguste Rodin

© 2020  Josephine Tournier Ingram

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