• Deliver free educational lectures to students at local schools and colleges.
            • Provide internships for local high school and college students.
            • Use local printers and vendors as often as possible.
            • Donate to Women’s Economic Ventures.
            • Donate pro-bono work for special causes and programs in need.
            • Donate to charities that help the environment and people in need.
            • Run our business as environmentally friendly as possible


            • Our office recycles all of our paper, plastic, metal and ink cartridges.
            • We buy recycled paper and cardstock for office use.
            • For our clients’ projects, we offer recycled paper, cardstock, packaging
              and organic apparel.
            • We make sure our products and apparel do not use sweatshops.
            • We conserve energy by turning off all computers, printers and other
               electrical devices when they are not in use.
            • Our office uses energy efficient light bulbs.
            • We drive a Hybrid zero emission vehicle.